Approved of FCI under No. 252

Kan Nutrena (Konyi)

 1. General Appearance, Psychic and Useful Characteristics 

The dog's posture is strong and well built expressing both power and mobility. Its temperament is calm and the dog is intelligent and alert.

Height: Measured at the withers, for males are from 65 to 70 cm and for females are from 60 to 65 cm.

Silhouette: Rectangular, the male being a little less rectangular than the female one.

Utilization: Easy to train as a shepherd and guardian dog. Its impressive attitude and beautiful appearance make it an attractive companion dog.

 2. Head 

In proportion to the body - is lean - and held at medium height by the dog both during movement and while in standing position.

The muzzle is slightly longer than, or equal to, the length of the skull. In profile, the skull is slightly domed; the forehead furrow is shallow.

The forehead edge is distinctly marked, but the skull is not too sharply broken. The muzzle is strong and tapers slightly; its top is broad.

The nose is medium size, black with wide nostrils.

The desirable tightly closed lips have dark rims. A full complement of strong, evenly shaped, white teeth meet in a scissors bite, which is preferred. A level bite is acceptable.

The medium size eyes are expressive, slightly slanting. The irises are dark brown. The eye rims are dark.

The ears are set at the same height, or a little higher, as the external angle of the eyes. They are medium length, rather thick, triangular in shape, and densely coated with fur. The front edges lie close to the head. The ear lobes are free.

 3. Neck 

Medium length, muscular, without any dewlap. It has a profuse ruff.

The upper line of the neck is higher than the level of the back.

 4. Body 

Long and massive. The withers are distinctly marked and broad.

The back is level, board with the board and well-bound loins. The croup slopes slightly.

The chest is deep and the ribs are oblique and somewhat flat. The tuck-up is slight.

 5. Tail 

Not very high set, held below the level of the back, in excitement the dog lifts it above the back, but does not roll it. The tail hanging down reaches to the hock, its end may be a little twisted.

 6. Forequarters 

Muscular with a strong but not too heavy bone structure. Appearing straight seen from the front. The slightly slopped blade-bones are close fitting.

Feet: The pasterns are slightly protruding forward. The toes are tight creating large feet of oval shape. There is hair between the toes. The pads are strong and hard with dark pigmentation. The nails are strong and blunt. Dark nails are preferred.

 7. Hindquarters 

Vertical seen from behind, somewhat backward set and moderately angulated.

Feet: The hocks are vertical, the toes are the same as those of the forequarters.

 8. Coat 

The hair is short and thick on the head, muzzle, the front of the forelegs, and below of hock of the hind legs.

The neck and body are covered with a long, thick, straight, or slightly waved hair that is coarse to the touch.

There is a profuse undercoat. The neck has a profuse ruff; the thighs are covered with profuse, long hair. The tail is hairy thickly and it is fluffy.

 9. Color 

Uniform white, a cream hue is undesirable.

 10. Disqualified Faults 

Retreating or undershot jaw, a forehead edge too shallow, a tapering muzzle, considerable missing teeth, a curly or silky coat, lack of undercoat, piebald color, excitable and timid or definitely aggressive temperament.

 11. Non-disqualified Faults 

A deep forehead furrow, high set or bent back ears.

Light (bear's) eyes a poor pigmentation of the nose, of the lips, and of the eye rims.

A neck kept horizontally, high at the croup, lack of hair between the toes, lack of ruff on the neck, lack of feathering on the legs, presence of dewclaws on the hind legs.

A tail held constantly over the back.

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